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The Verses Live @ The Toff in Town

8 Sep

This series of videos was filmed half way through The Verses mammoth 9 week residency at the Toff in Town by Two Tap Tv. Jesse and Ella Hooper first hit the stage as Killing Heidi. Killing Heidi were huge when I was at high school with three top 10 albums, and eight singles so I was stoked at the opportunity to film them at the relatively new Toff in Town.
They are a fantastic pair of musicians and two very lovely people and I could really sense their joy at being on stage and enjoying the new direction their music and songwriting was headed. The Verses have continued to grow since I filmed them in 2008 and in the last few years have supported Fleetwood Mac on their Australian Tour, the Counting Crows and their debut album Seasons was released on Friday, 13 August 2010, a very auspicious day. The Album was recorded in LA by Mitchell Froom, the great American producer whose worked with Suzanne Vega, Elvis Costello, various Finns and countless others.

This video set also includes an interview piece I shot and edited for Ben Pitcher for his Melbourne Rock City series of music interviews.

1: The Verses Melbourne Rock City Interview
2: “Horrorscope” Live @ The Toff In Town
3: “Holiday” Live @ The Toff In Town
4: “Everything” Live @ The Toff In Town

Melbourne Rock City Interview
Presenter: Ben Pitcher
filmed and edited by: Flynn Buckland

Live Tracks: Filmed by Flynn Buckland, Oriel Guthrie and Randell Joseph Edited by Flynn Buckland Audio recorded and mixed by the Toff in Town

Winterun Live @ The East Brunswick Club

24 Aug

Below the shallows of mainstream music there lie’s an alternative scene running rich and deep. Having spent the last 10 years building a strong clan within this healthy community in Australia and abroad, Winterun now lure you Into The Underground.

These videos are from a DVD released by Two Tap Tv in 2008 and comprise of a full multicam production of the launch of “Into the Underground” filmed at the East Brunswick Club on 19th October, 2007.

Like a Truckload of log set loose down a mountainside, Winterun are a rolling blend of infectious heavy rock. Raw energy, beers, big dirty rifts, grooves and stomp is what’s to be expected. Captured beautifully by Two Tap Tv, you’re guaranteed you wont miss a drop of sweat.

Play List

Break The Black Box
Beautiful Day
Dirty Sky
Diabhal (Prattle Battle)
Healer (still to be added)
Forgotten Good? (still to be added)
Pony (still to be added)
Sucker for Punishment (still to be added)
Lochran Aigh Nam Bochd (still to be added)
Heavy Rain (still to be added)
Down Driver (still to be added)
Stompa (still to be added)

This DVD was the first live multicam production that Two Tap Tv turned into a full commercially released DVD and was launched at the first “Red Carpet Night” at Kent St Bar on Smith St Fitzroy in January 2008. This still remains one of the most rewarding projects I’ve completed, the band members have become good friends of mine and are still producing some of the best heavy rock in Melbourne. I recently caught up with the Winterun clan at their gig at the Tote and I have begun to think that with this being their 10th year as a band that it might be time for a Winterun retrospective doco.

Here is an early interview conducted by Ben Pitcher early in the beginnings of his freelance enterprise, Melbourne Rock City

Winterun have been a part of Two Tap since the beginnings, I remember sitting with Oriel at the bar of “Labour In Vain” on Brunswick St where she introduced me to Nick Dunstan, lead singer of Winterun. Over the course of an arvo the three of us bounced idea’s around about how to film bands, what we wanted to achieve with our new production business, talked about music, bands and eventually settled on the name for this new enterprise. Two Tap Tv! One of the first projects we tackled with the newly formed Two Tap crew was a film clip of Winteruns new single “Stompa”.

We filmed this at iconic late night rock venue Pony Bar I found it so satisfying to see that well known pony skeleton at the back of the stage through the lens of my camera, Melbourne has some legendary stages and for me the Pony’s is right up there. The film clip was a mixture of set shots filmed during the arvo and live footage from much later on in the night. True to form the Winterun Clan came out and the Pony was as wild as I’ve ever scene it. Plaster was falling from the roof and the dance floor was an inch deep with spilt beer as the crowd thrashed out and hair was flying. The film clip came out a treat and was our first to be broadcast on Rage, another long held dream of mine and a thrill to see your work on telly at 4:30 am. So for me Nick and Winterun have been there right from the beginning of my freelance career and I always look forward to the chance to work with them and surround my self in their heavy groove filled sound.

With 2011 seeing the release of their new EP “Shadow” and a full length album slated for release later in the year, stay tuned for more rumblings from the underground.

Cover art for Winterun's 2011 EP release

Writers Bench – Melbourne Graffiti doco

22 Aug

This is a trailer for the graffiti documentary that Oriel Guthrie has been working on for the last year or so. I have been assisting with some of the graphics and special effects and with enough time hopefully will be able to work on the colour grading before its screening at ACMI later in the year. check it out, its fresh

Oz Vs NZ MC Battle For Supremacy Highlights 2003 to 2005

20 Aug

In 2004 whilst completing our final year of film and television at RMIT Oriel Guthrie and I set aside our project, producing a Channel 31 pilot Hip Hop Tv show, to jump on the opportunity to produce that years MC Battle DVD. With only a few days to put together a proposal from scratch we feverishly ran around harassing teachers and staff to ensure that we would be the first RMIT students to be able to travel interstate with the schools gear. After filming the Vic heats at the Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy we traveled in 3 days to Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane to film the state heats. Upon returning to melbourne we filmed the Australian finals at the Hi-Fi bar on Swanston St where Justice took out the honors. After this it was off to Auckland, New Zealand for my first trip overseas. Here we filmed the Grand Final where it was Anecdote who took the top prize, first by defeating Justice in a rematch from the OZ finals, then by knocking off the giant Tyna. I am immensely proud of this body of work, it was all filmed and recorded by Oriel and I in a fast and furious period of a few weeks. It then took us 3 months to edit the nearly 60 hrs of footage down to a 2 DVD set, all whilst learning the processes of commercial DVD production. At the end of this monster project we were presented with the newly created “Industry Relations” award at the final year RMIT screen awards night. This award was created to acknowledge the commercial focus of our work as well as its uniqueness amongst the final year projects, where everyone had completed either a short 10 to 15 min doco or drama we had produced 2 and a half hours of content that was being stocked in major retail outlets like JB Hi-Fi in both Australia and New Zealand. To this day i have seen little MC battle footage that compares with these videos in terms of production value and coverage. Here for the first time all of the Out for Fame, MC Battle For Supremacy videos that have produced by Flynn Buckland and Oriel Guthrie. Enjoy and learn a few wicked disses whilst your at it


In June 2003 the first ever Australia Vs. New Zealand MC Battle For Supremacy took place in front of a capacity crowd at the Hi-Fi Bar in Melbourne. Each nations team consisted of eight MC’s chosen based on their reputations in the battle circuit and each MC stepped into a boxing ring styled stage to lyrically battle with their cross-Tasman counterparts. The MC Battle For Supremacy was controversial to say the least but definitely a milestone in the growth of South Pacific Hip Hop. The DVD contains a 45 minute documentary filmed during the week leading up to and at the event itself plus each and every individual battle from the day (15 in total running for 90 minutes). This is the DVD hip hop fans around Australia have been waiting for! In years to come it will be regarded as a classic snap shot of Australian and New Zealand Hip Hop in 2003/04.

Camera work By Oriel Guthrie

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The MC Battle For Supremacy – Aus Vs NZ is now one of Australasia’s biggest annual Hip Hop events. 2004 was the second year of this event and the first to include heats in 5 cities around Australia. With the current popularity of MC battles in Australia now is the perfect time for DVD showcasing some of the country’s best talents to reach a wider audience than ever before. Disc one features the Australian Final held inMelbourne and the Aus Vs NZ Final held in Aucklandas well as interviews with members of the Aus and NZ teams, judges and organisers.Disc two is a bonus disc and contains footage ofmembers of the Aus Team competing in theirrespective state heats. This includes Melbourne,Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.Controversial to say the least, this DVD highlights therapid increase in skill of MC’s from this part of theworld in the last year and paves the way for the 2005Battle For Supremacy.

Produced, Filmed and Edited By Flynn Buckland and Oriel Guthrie
http://www.ozhiphop.com review
Additional Camera By Adam Potrykus

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This DVD features all of the battles between the best Australian and New Zealand MC’s included in the annual MC Battle For Supremacy AUS vs NZ event. 2005 includes some of the best rap battles witnessed in Australasia if not the world! That is a big claim to make but Melbourne MC and competitor in the 2005 Battle For Supremacy ‘Justice’ went on to win the world’s biggest MC Battle Scribble Jam in Ohio USA!

Also included on this disc are the interviews with all of the competitors and judges and as an added bonus the 2005 Australian final is included in full.

Produced, Filmed and Edited By Flynn Buckland and Oriel Guthrie
Additional Camera By Darren McLeod

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Frankenbok Live @ Free The West Memphis 3 2008

17 Aug

Filmed by Two Tap Tv on 12/4/2008 at Free The West Memphis 3 benifit gig at the East Brunswick Club. This footage of Frankenbok has lain dormant after computer failings and losing the raw audio masters and the mental meltdown that followed. 3 years later I’ve stumbled across a stash of raw stereo mix’s of a few of the bands that we filmed that night and finally I’ve been able to finish off an edit. Pretty happy with how it turned out despite the rough audio. We set out to turn the whole nights line up into a monster metal DVD, who knows that might still happen.
If your keen on the idea please leave a comment and with enough responses i’ll give it a crack.

Filmed by Flynn Buckland, Oriel Guthrie and Darren McLeod
Edited by Flynn Buckland
Audio by Randel Joseph