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“Writers Bench” 30 years of Melbourne Graffiti

7 Nov

Writers Bench takes the audience on a first-hand journey through the historical timeline of graffiti and street art culture in Melbourne, exploring some of the revered artists who have helped to shape Melbourne’s cultural identity.

My good friend and filming partner Oriel Guthrie has been slaving away on her graffiti doco “Writers Bench” for over 2 years now, and finally, with less then a week until the premier she has finished of the last interviews and the movie is all ready to go. This is a masterful doco, with over 40 interviews with artists from throughout Melbourne’s Graffiti and street art scenes, both past and present.

My role in the production was assisting with some of the special FX sequences with the graff images as well as the final colour grading and corrections. In addition to 30 years of graffiti this doco also covers 30 years of video formats from super 8, VHS, Beta Cam, Hi8, DV, HDV and HD as well as photos, both print and digital. It was a mammoth task with only 2 weeks to complete the colour grading as well as it being the first feature length film that I have graded. The aim was to blend all the different formats together, to make the graffiti burst off the screen and to try and capture the colour and vibrancy that it brings to the urban landscape. Im very proud to have played a small role in helping put this incredibly exciting project together and the dedication Oriel has shown in working throughout the last 2 years is a testament to her commitment in telling these stories to the world.

Check out the trailer Here:

Meet the legends of the graffiti and street art scene from the past 30 years, as Writers Bench guides you through the events that created the culture as we see it today. Hear stories of growing up with the movement, why each artist got involved and what influenced their style. From its raw beginnings as political and radical slogans plastered on walls throughout the suburbs, to the colourful burst of murals splashed along urban train lines, to the rise of street art as an inner city tourist attraction, Writers Bench traces the evolution of this vital artistic movement.

Local filmmaker Oriel Guthrie continues her investigation into Melbourne subcultures following on from her 2004 featurette, Skip Hop (2004), which screened at ACMI earlier this year.

Directed by Oriel Guthrie & Spencer Davids.
Colour grading and SFX by Flynn Buckland

Screening at The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
Sat 12th November 4pm (premiere)
Sat 19th November 4pm
Sat 26th November 4pm

buy tix online:

RMIT – the formative years

7 Sep

During my years at RMIT I was lucky in that I met a great bunch of like minded people and developed both a strong working relationship and friendship with all of them over the years. Whilst everyone in the course wanted to be a director of short drama’s, a small group of us had our focus on documentary production. Adam Potrykus, Oriel Guthrie, Cassandra Bakic and I worked on a number of projects together over these years and I am excited to now be sharing them with you.

Skip Hop

With out a doubt the most exciting doco project during those years at RMIT was Oriel Guthrie’s “Skip Hop”, a documentary on Australian Hip Hop culture. There is a great deal to say about this project, which i’ll hold onto until a later post but until then check out the trailer.

Cut Outs

In December 2003 ‘Cut Outs’ won The Best Film at the RMIT University Screen awards and was nominated in following categories: Best Cinematography, Best Soundtrack, Best Post production. In July 2004 “Cut Outs” won Best Tertiary Documentary at ATOM Awards. ATOM stands for Australian Teachers of Media and it is annual festival, which highlights the best works in film and television Australia wide. The film was also included in the St Kilda Film Festival and the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) in 2004. Directed and edited by Cassandra Bakic, this was an incredible project to work camera on. We explored the back alleys of Melbourne, finding hidden gems tucked away behind bins out the back of Chinese restaurants or half way up a wall. The intro of this film still blows me away and after the recent attempts to save the Banksy art failed, it is a glimpse back into Melbourne’s street art history. In addition to doing most of the camera work i also have a few cameos, firstly as the graffer at the end of the intro and then as the face of Prism as he was unable to make it for the shoot.

This film is by Adam Potrykus and is a short film about monogamy and open relationships. I was always impressed by Adams visual style and the interesting ways in which he dealt with visuals and this is in my opinion his best work from his RMIT days. The mixture of stills and location footage as a visual background to the voice over, as opposed to straight interview footage, helps carry the viewer through their thoughts whilst giving you a snap shot of the personalities of the subjects.

In addition to the documentary work that I was envolved with at RMIT, I also was camera operator on a number of Niel Bilas’s short dramas

Debris: 19 Mins (2004)

A heroin user with a stutter and his bulimic girlfriend live through their conditions, wilfully unaware of the others struggle. Her self-loathing has also found its outlet in the arms of a sadist, who gratifies his urges through dominance and perversion. A romance set amidst the backdrop of the urban sprawl, we discover that life touches all – even those that live in the shadows.

The Voice Of Mario – Charles Martinet Nintendo instore

6 Sep

It is with great pride that I am posting this video and a child hood dream fulfilled. A few years back I had the awesome opportunity to film an in store signing of the legendary Charles Martinet, for all those non Nintendo nerds out there he is most famously the voice of Mario as well as his brother Luigi. He also voices Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth and has been doing so since 1994, what a guy!

I shot this video for Nintendo after being contacted at the last minute and with minimum info I headed into EB Games on Swanston St, Melbourne. Im very happy with how it came out, the collection of sound effects and graphics that they provided me with were a joy to play with and I spent days afterward walking around Collingwood practicing my “Itsss a meee, Mariooo” and I now think im quite good at it. The colour grading is also a favourite part of the process for me, I wanted the image and effects to have the bright, bold colours of the video games I remember so I pushed up the saturation and gain to really make the images pop.

Writers Bench – Melbourne Graffiti doco

22 Aug

This is a trailer for the graffiti documentary that Oriel Guthrie has been working on for the last year or so. I have been assisting with some of the graphics and special effects and with enough time hopefully will be able to work on the colour grading before its screening at ACMI later in the year. check it out, its fresh

The marketing campaing begins

18 Jul

The revolution begins

Broken Body Clock is set to launch