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Frankenbok Live @ Free The West Memphis 3 2008

17 Aug

Filmed by Two Tap Tv on 12/4/2008 at Free The West Memphis 3 benifit gig at the East Brunswick Club. This footage of Frankenbok has lain dormant after computer failings and losing the raw audio masters and the mental meltdown that followed. 3 years later I’ve stumbled across a stash of raw stereo mix’s of a few of the bands that we filmed that night and finally I’ve been able to finish off an edit. Pretty happy with how it turned out despite the rough audio. We set out to turn the whole nights line up into a monster metal DVD, who knows that might still happen.
If your keen on the idea please leave a comment and with enough responses i’ll give it a crack.

Filmed by Flynn Buckland, Oriel Guthrie and Darren McLeod
Edited by Flynn Buckland
Audio by Randel Joseph