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Melburn 2050 – A city in flames.

12 Feb

Its the year 2050 and the city of Melbourne has changed beyond all recognition. The City is divided, its buildings torn down and destroyed by decades of armed conflict. The outer suburbs have descended into chaos, the inhabitants deformed and mutated by solar radiation interacting with the chemicals that built up in peoples bodies after years of excessive consumption of energy drinks. Their bodies have become wrecked by a hyper metabolism and a constant need to feed them selves, turning them into mindless zombies driven only by the need to eat. The inner City threw up a defensive wall to keep the cannibalistic hoards at bay whilst at the same time turned on each other along the cultural and physical divide of the north and south banks of the Yarra river. The South Bank was controlled by Crown Corp and their Coalition lackeys, setting up their HQ in the enormous casino that dominated the south bank of the CBD and from where they could launch Kill Squad raids across the river. The North side is the final bastion of the social democracy that Australia once was and is fighting desperately to protect what justice remains.

Beset by the ravages of an out of control climate, Melbourne’s average summer temperatures soared to 50°C (122°F) and a dramatic spike in UV levels have seared the landscape and decimated the population. In 2025 The Australian government introduced subsidized skin darkening drugs designed to increase the body’s production of melanin as a defense against the devastating effects of skin cancer related deaths. By the age of 35, 80% of Australians were being diagnosed with skin cancer and the death rate had risen to over 20,000 per year, mainly those of fair skinned Anglo-Saxon decent. In the space of decade the colour of the whole Australian population shifted towards a deep dark brown, those that refused to take the drugs for what ever reason continued to suffer from the ravages of the sun and died in their thousands or took to wearing clothing that covered the whole body, leaving only the eyes exposed.
This caused a radical shift in the politics of the time, the racial prejudices that had been a constant undercurrent throughout Australia’s history, and that had resulted in the the Stolen Generation, Tampa and other atrocities were no longer viable. The anti cancer drugs had forced a desperately needed equality onto the population but which caused fury in the ranks of the hardcore neo-liberals, who saw it as a attack on the fundamentals of Australian culture and its British heritage . Resentment that had been simmering away ever since the Coalition lost to the Australian Labour Party in 2007 exploded into violence in the great Uprising of 2027. The Coalition with the support of the major corporations they represented launched a series of assassinations against key Government figures and moved to occupy the streets of the major urban centres.

IMG_0979IMG_0969IMG_0959IMG_0928IMG_0952Through archway
Back Street1command HQBack alley1nighttime brewreyHAHA sniperOgryn caught in the spotlight

Miniature Photography, a set on Flickr.

The miniature city comes together

Pete Ewing & Friends Live @ Broken Body Clock Studios

16 Aug

Filmed during the birthday celebrations of me, Flynn Bard. This is a live video of Pete Ewing and friends who like the trooper he is brought his band over after finishing a set at the Drunken Poet in Nth Melb. Here is my gift to you my friend.

One of the best nights of music I’ve ever had the fortune to witness and I was stoked it was happening in my own lounge room. I am amazed that I was able to hold the camera at all because this footage was shot at 2:44 am and i was well rinsed by that stage of proceedings, as were most people captured on camera. Thanks to all the muso’s who gave it there all and to all the friends that came to share it with me. If anyone has any photos of the night please email them to me at brokenbodyclock@gmail.com and I will add them to this and future edits.

Broken Body Clock Studios Birthday Bash

15 Aug

Thank you to all those that came down on Sat and help make it the best damn party I’ve ever thrown, and I’ve thrown some pretty sick parties. A special big thanks to all the muso’s that came down and shared their talents and also to Kris who supplied the PA and also did a late night beer run, your a true champ Kris. I will be posting up some audio from the sets by Levitating Churches, Pete Ewing but first we have James McCann. Here is a sampler of the kick ass music that brought the cops down on us at 3:30am


Clinkerfield “That Sweet Ol’ Sour Taste (Of Defeat)” @ The Tote

9 Aug

Thanks Jimmy for being the awesome pirate troubadour that you are. Here is a live clip taken from the footage i shot down at the Tote last Sunday during the annual Wash Winters Willies Away With Whiskey. NINJA FREELANCE MEDIA PRODUCTION!!! Hai Ya!

Jimmy Stewart kicks ass

6 Apr

Jimmy Stewart really is a top bloke, he plays guitar really well and he likes the collingwood football club.  my self personally i dont much like the football but i live in collingwood.