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Spencer P Jones Live @ Kent St Bar Fitzroy

9 Nov

Recently Kent St Bar started a live acoustic night every Wednesday, here is the legendary Spencer P Jones from his performance on the 18/10/2011

camera :Oriel Guthrie, Flynn Buckland
Audio recorded by: Flynn Buckland
Edited By: Flynn Buckland

Miniature Photography

3 Nov

IMG_0979IMG_0969IMG_0959IMG_0928IMG_0952Through archway
Back Street1command HQBack alley1nighttime brewreyHAHA sniperOgryn caught in the spotlight

Miniature Photography, a set on Flickr.

The miniature city comes together

The Verses Live @ The Toff in Town

8 Sep

This series of videos was filmed half way through The Verses mammoth 9 week residency at the Toff in Town by Two Tap Tv. Jesse and Ella Hooper first hit the stage as Killing Heidi. Killing Heidi were huge when I was at high school with three top 10 albums, and eight singles so I was stoked at the opportunity to film them at the relatively new Toff in Town.
They are a fantastic pair of musicians and two very lovely people and I could really sense their joy at being on stage and enjoying the new direction their music and songwriting was headed. The Verses have continued to grow since I filmed them in 2008 and in the last few years have supported Fleetwood Mac on their Australian Tour, the Counting Crows and their debut album Seasons was released on Friday, 13 August 2010, a very auspicious day. The Album was recorded in LA by Mitchell Froom, the great American producer whose worked with Suzanne Vega, Elvis Costello, various Finns and countless others.

This video set also includes an interview piece I shot and edited for Ben Pitcher for his Melbourne Rock City series of music interviews.

1: The Verses Melbourne Rock City Interview
2: “Horrorscope” Live @ The Toff In Town
3: “Holiday” Live @ The Toff In Town
4: “Everything” Live @ The Toff In Town

Melbourne Rock City Interview
Presenter: Ben Pitcher
filmed and edited by: Flynn Buckland

Live Tracks: Filmed by Flynn Buckland, Oriel Guthrie and Randell Joseph Edited by Flynn Buckland Audio recorded and mixed by the Toff in Town

The Voice Of Mario – Charles Martinet Nintendo instore

6 Sep

It is with great pride that I am posting this video and a child hood dream fulfilled. A few years back I had the awesome opportunity to film an in store signing of the legendary Charles Martinet, for all those non Nintendo nerds out there he is most famously the voice of Mario as well as his brother Luigi. He also voices Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth and has been doing so since 1994, what a guy!

I shot this video for Nintendo after being contacted at the last minute and with minimum info I headed into EB Games on Swanston St, Melbourne. Im very happy with how it came out, the collection of sound effects and graphics that they provided me with were a joy to play with and I spent days afterward walking around Collingwood practicing my “Itsss a meee, Mariooo” and I now think im quite good at it. The colour grading is also a favourite part of the process for me, I wanted the image and effects to have the bright, bold colours of the video games I remember so I pushed up the saturation and gain to really make the images pop.

Miniature Photography

26 Aug


Miniature Photography, a set on Flickr.

These are some images of my early miniature photography. As I at long last finish painting the miniature city i started constructing back at Uni in 2004, stay tuned for some more shots. My goal is to create effective atmospheric images of both day and night time which I till blend with images and live footage taken from my local area.