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Laneway Festival 2010

23 Feb

This is a video produced by Jasmine from Dry Spell productions that I crewed on, performing the roll of sound engineer and boom operator.

Laneway Festival 2010 from DSPpreviews on Vimeo.

Cherry Rock Festival, 2009 and 2010

23 Feb

Here is a series of videos from the years that i filmed at the Cherry Rock Festival in AC/DC lane in Melbourne

The first video is a Tribute video to Barbarion, a band that completely rocked my world.

The rest of the videos are produced by Melbourne Rock City, using footage I shot

Boogie Festival 3 – 2009

23 Feb

Filmed for the Boogie festival 2009

More info to follow

The Creep Team – “Fire in the hole”

23 Feb

This is the film clip i produced for the Creep Team

Here is the creep team performing at the Blue Tile Lounge on Smith St in Collingwood. There is also some backstage footage from filming the “Fire in the Hole” film clip.

Underground Loop Mentorship Program 2009

23 Feb

Two Tap Tv

In 2008 and 2009, Two Tap TV produced a series of music Videos for each of the graduates of these mentorships. Time and resources were short and each of these videos were shot in under 2hrs and edited in less than 5 or 6. It was a hectic schedule and i am immensely pleased and proud of the results. It was very rewarding working with these kids and helping them create a end product that they would be proud of. There are 3 videos in this years collection and are all available in the playlist bellow.

Tarah, Gabby and Nettie may contrast in their talents as MC, guitarist, and classical pianist, but they have all ‘learnt heaps’ and had ‘lots of fun’
while recording their music and shooting music videos for the Underground Loop Vol. 3 CD.

The new ‘Loop’ CD marks the completion of the third volume of young emerging Melbourne talent through the Underground Loop Mentorship –
one of Living Music’s ‘at risk’ youth engagement programs.

Trixide (Tarah), 20 years old, has been rhyming for ten years, only trying MCing in the last few and found her mentor easy to relate to and helpful
as she developed her style.

‘Julez MC and me were on the same level regarding hip-hop – we have the same views about the Melbourne scene.’

Concert pianist Elyane Laussade passed on her own musical experiences to 20-year-old Fitzroy local Nettie;

‘I enjoyed learning so many new things and Elyane was really nurturing’.

Gabby, a 24-year-old St Kilda resident, was already working on her rock songs with renowned Melbourne musician Charles Jenkins at Gateway,
when he talked about the mentorship program.

‘He suggested it would be good to help stretch my boundaries’,

Gabby admits. Taking the plunge and committing to the six-month collaborative process payed off in the end.

‘He gave me really good advice and ideas for songs and he was really easy to talk to. And making the music video was really great.’

The album features seven tracks with a different young artists creating and developing their contribution with the assistance and professional
guidance of their assigned mentor: including Melbourne favourites Charles Jenkins, Pete Satchell (Dallas Crane), Julez MC, Elayne Laussade,
Dan West and DJ tomtom.

Complete with bonus video features, the CD is available through Sound Vault Distribution and

This mentor ship is run by Living Music at their studios in North Melbourne

Living Music recognizes music as a powerful medium for positively engaging young people to act in their own interests, with their own beliefs and to their own capabilities.

Through Living Music’s programs youth participants can re-connect, fostering relationships with community based welfare organisations, professional musicians and music industry.

With young people working alongside high profile music industry professionals, Living Music provides a range of opportunities that will assist young people to forge careers in the music industry as well as build self-esteem and social connection.