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Cherry Rock Festival, 2009 and 2010

23 Feb

Here is a series of videos from the years that i filmed at the Cherry Rock Festival in AC/DC lane in Melbourne

The first video is a Tribute video to Barbarion, a band that completely rocked my world.

The rest of the videos are produced by Melbourne Rock City, using footage I shot

Boogie Festival 3 – 2009

23 Feb

Filmed for the Boogie festival 2009

More info to follow

Broken Body Clock filming for the Tech Production Network

20 Feb

I have started producing a series of tutorial videos for the web site of the Tech Production Network

The College of Sound & Music Production (ACAS Member College – RTO#50392), is now offering comprehensive training resources for the delivery and assessment of Music and Entertainment Qualifications for VET in Schools.

The College of Sound and Music Production is able to provide auspice arrangements for schools, allowing delivery of accredited training that culminates in students receiving a nationally recognised Certificate or Statement Of Attainment.

The concept of our unique service is designed to bring teachers of VET Music and/or Technical production together and provide training resources as well as a forum for guidance on design, delivery and assessment.

We call it the Tech Production Network (TPN)

The videos that I am producing so far consist of tutorials on:

How to mic up a drum kit in a recording studio
How to set up and tune a PA
How to roll up mic leads
Interviews with industry figures including band manager Darren Danielson, studio engineer Greg O’Shea

The first video is I completed is a re-edit of a instant CD live recording that Salt Studios produced for Clutch, Strange Cousins, Live at the Prince of Wales in 2009. Using a mobile recording studio set up in the back of a Hiace parked in the car park, the crew from Salt mixed and produced a live CD of the Clutch gig that was then available for sale minutes after the band left the stage.

For now all the videos except this one are only available to the students of TPN, if in future any are made available to the public I will post them up here for everyone to see.

Pyramid Rock Festival 2010 Video produced for Myspace Festival Guide

9 Feb

In 2010 Oriel Guthrie and I headed to the Pyramid Rock Festival to film a series of interviews and promo videos for About a week after we finished and uploaded the vids (and thankfully after we had been paid) MySpace shat itself and cut its world wide staff by 50% and closed down all MySpace offices outside of North America. So I think we were one of the last to film anything for them in Australia. I think Justin Timberlake is running the company now.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I was so stoked to have the chance to meet and interview Arrested Development as they have been one my favourite bands for years and some of the first CD’s I ever bought. I picked up a couple of second hand albums at Au Go-GO records way back in 97 and they come out every so often when I want to say Hi to Mr Wendall. The interview went great and they were all happy which was great until at the end of the interview i realised that my fly had been open the whole time, damn you cheap Jay Jay jeans.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Shout Out Louds Interview at Pyramid Rock Festival. These guys were pretty cool and had some great stories about playing at festivals above the artic circle and up the Amazon River and were suitably impressed by my ability to sweat in Swedish

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Little Red, it shocks me how good this song makes me feel. These guys are a great party band and had the crowd jumping and generally going nuts. Look carefully and you can see a bloke with another dude sitting on his shoulders who in turn has a girl sitting on his, crazy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Spencer P Jones Live @ Kent St Bar Fitzroy

9 Nov

Recently Kent St Bar started a live acoustic night every Wednesday, here is the legendary Spencer P Jones from his performance on the 18/10/2011

camera :Oriel Guthrie, Flynn Buckland
Audio recorded by: Flynn Buckland
Edited By: Flynn Buckland