Trial Warhammer 40k Battle report

28 Feb

I’ve dug deep into the recesses of my data storage and pulled out this test video I made in 2003 for a special effects project I was working on at RMIT.

This is the same city that I have only recently started to finish painting, mainly due to living in a whole bunch of share houses where it just wasn’t possible to spread it out to paint, let alone film. The idea behind the video was that of a interactive, historical account of a battle between the Imperial Guard and the Dark Elder. The effect of selecting and zooming in various parts of the screen was influenced by the scene in Bladerunner where Deckard is reviewing the photos left by the replicants.

The thought struck me as I was prepping this to upload, this is most likely the last footage I shot in 4:3 before finally having decent access to gear that had the option of shooting in 16:9

Once I have finished painting the City and experimented further with the style and practicalities of filming in miniature I plan on revisiting the idea of producing a battle report in a similar, although more complete way.

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