Underground Loop Mentorship Program 2008

23 Feb


Underground Loop is a groundbreaking mentorship program which has facilitated collaborations between leading Australian hip hop artists and young teenagers at risk and within Victoria’s Juvenile Justice System.

The Underground Loop 2008 CD features 22 compelling and boundary-pushing original tracks straight out of hip hop’s real underground.

The Underground Loop CD is the result of collaborations between 22 teenagers aged 15-21 and mentors such as Tom-Tom and Rhyno (True Live), Paso Bionic (Curse Ov Dialect), Mantra (Equills, The Herd) DJ Wasabi (Illzilla, Combat Wombat) and other established DJs, MCs, musicians and producers on the Australian music scene.

Complete with bonus video features, the CD is available through Sound Vault Distribution www.soundvault.com.au and

This mentor ship is run by Living Music at their studios in North Melbourne

Living Music recognizes music as a powerful medium for positively engaging young people to act in their own interests, with their own beliefs and to their own capabilities.

Through Living Music’s programs youth participants can re-connect, fostering relationships with community based welfare organisations, professional musicians and music industry.

With young people working alongside high profile music industry professionals, Living Music provides a range of opportunities that will assist young people to forge careers in the music industry as well as build self-esteem and social connection.

Two Tap Tv

In 2008 and 2009, Two Tap TV produced a series of music Videos for each of the graduates of these mentorships. Time and resources were short and each of these videos were shot in under 2hrs and edited in less than 5 or 6. It was a hectic schedule and i am immensely pleased and proud of the results. It was very rewarding working with these kids and helping them create a end product that they would be proud of.

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