The Voice Of Mario – Charles Martinet Nintendo instore

6 Sep

It is with great pride that I am posting this video and a child hood dream fulfilled. A few years back I had the awesome opportunity to film an in store signing of the legendary Charles Martinet, for all those non Nintendo nerds out there he is most famously the voice of Mario as well as his brother Luigi. He also voices Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth and has been doing so since 1994, what a guy!

I shot this video for Nintendo after being contacted at the last minute and with minimum info I headed into EB Games on Swanston St, Melbourne. Im very happy with how it came out, the collection of sound effects and graphics that they provided me with were a joy to play with and I spent days afterward walking around Collingwood practicing my “Itsss a meee, Mariooo” and I now think im quite good at it. The colour grading is also a favourite part of the process for me, I wanted the image and effects to have the bright, bold colours of the video games I remember so I pushed up the saturation and gain to really make the images pop.

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